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Zorak Zoran among the Chern Durelites in Pent

Zorak Zoran among the Chern Durelites in Pent

Runes   Disorder    Death

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Zorak Zoran killing a cyclops

Mythos & History

Zorak Zoran was a god, not of the underworld, but of the surface.  At first he found none who merited his patronage, but when the Hellcrack opened and the Uz raged onto the world in agony and fury, he knew he had found those who could be his warriors.  In the Dark he fought Chaos time and again, and finally broke it.  The sun emerged from where he lay hidden, and the Black Sun came to blaze for us.

Nature of the Cult

When Dozaki came to us he brought the pure rage of Zorak Zoran into our hearts.  Not many can aspire to be his warriors, but those who do are mighty champions pf the people against the Chaos on the steppe.  The cult is very simple, since the emotions it embodies are very simple, yet satisfying.
An uz skull with a third eye painted in black in the middle of its forehead.

Rune Affinities

Elsewhere Zorak Zoran is known for the Dark in which he met the Uz, but not with us.  We know his power over Death, and the way he uses it to purify the world, and his power over Disorder, which he uses to rage against the evil that is Chaos.

Death Rune Affinity
Before we knew him we knew his power, as Death took us.  We discovered that this was necessary as part of his fight to hold back the Void.  Initiates use this affinity to empower their maces to crush their opponents, to appear gaunt and horrific, to lay ghosts to rest and to command the cult's undead.  It can also be used to sense when Chaos is nearby.

Disorder Rune Affinity
When Tien came, he came with a disciplined army.  Zorak Zoran taught us how to disrupt this loathsome order, and how to turn our rage from emotion into destruction.  Initiates use this affinity to intimidate the soldiers facing them into breaking ranks, and to fill themselves with hatred for an opponent who would otherwise fill them with fear.

Particular Likes and Dislikes

All of Chaos is utterly hated, all Uz respected.  Romal confuse them.

Cult Organisation

A temple is a warband, and is headed by a warrior-priest.  Any cultist will acknowledge the power of a priest, but would never accept the authority of one other than their own.  The priests are not organised into a hierarchy, and may fight (though seldom to the death) to establish relative rank.  Any Uz Zorak Zorani outranks the most powerful human priest.
Mace LACMA M.2002.1.582 (1 of 2).jpg
Priestly Maul


Any initiate who meets the standard requirements may challenge their priest or may move to a community without a temple and set one up.  Having the power to do so is ordination in itself.

Holy Days and Sacrifices

According to the whim of the local priest.


Zorak Zoran is approached through his aspect as Death.  Initiates are required to show the cult virtues of Fearless and Angry.


None are followed among the humans of Pent


Any who wish and meet the requirements may devote themselves to Zorak Zoran.  Devotees are both respected and shunned.  They have no place in war-counsel, since their rage makes them unreliable.

(Death)  The Dead-Raiser Feat 
As Lord of Death, Zorak Zoran has power over all the dead.  This Feat has been used in many ways over the years, including (but not limited) to Raise Zombie Warrior, to Raise Ghost, to Bind Ghost, to Command Undead and to have an Aspect Of Horror.

(Disorder) The Battle-Rage Feat 

The berzerker against Chaos, Zorak Zoran takes the rage that Chaos evokes and turns it into insane violence.
This Feat can be used to Break Weapons, to Fight To The Death, to empower an Oath Of Blood Vengeance, and to invoke the Berserker Rage.
Heracles slaying the Lernean Hydra.jpeg
Zorak Zorani slaying Chaos-Hydra

Agents of Reprisal

Any attempt to Sense Chaos will produce a positive response in the apostate's presence.

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