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Xiola Umbar among the Chern Durelites of Pent

Xiola Umbar among the Chern Durelites of Pent

Runes   Harmony    

Mythos & History

Xiola Umbar is a goddess of the world, not the Underworld.  She was discovered when the Uz came from the Hellcrack in fear and in pain.  She calmed the fear and eased the pain.  When Dozaki brought the Uz to live with us, they introduced her tough love and forceful healing to us.  While we are not her main subjects of attention, when we suffer sufficiently she will turn to us.  While the Uz worship her for powers of reproduction, we do not.

Nature of the Cult

Rough healers in an even rougher world, the cult is treasured amid the violence and warfare of the other deities of Chern Durel.
Järnåldern, Lerkärl, Nordisk familjebok.jpg
Shrine Pot

A pot with a mouthless face at the bottom.

Rune Affinities
The only rune the Chern Durelites associate with her is that of Harmony.  

Harmony Rune Affinity
Xiola Umbar brought peace to fury and healing to harm, and still continues to do so.  However, since humans are not her primary concern, there is little that Initiates can perform with this affinity.  It may be used to sooth anger, calm fear and overcome pain.

Particular Likes and Dislikes

She likes all Uz, and hates all Chaos.

Cult Organisation

There is none to speak of, with priestesses wandering between communities and bringing healing whenever they conduct worship at a shrine.


Any initiate who matches the standard requirements becomes a priestess by virtue of their power.

Holy Days and Sacrifices
Entirely at the priestess' whim

All approach her through Harmony, and initiates are required to show the cult virtue, Compassionate.


None are followed among the humans of Pent


Any who wish and meet the requirements may devote themselves to Xiola Umbar.  Devotees are both respected and derided for their compassion.  They have no place in war-counsel, since that virtue makes them unreliable.

(Harmony)  The Peace Feat 
Xiola Umbar calmed the fears of those who spilled from the Hellcrack.  She encouraged those who faced Tien and Pocharngo.  She heartened those who discovered new fear, facing the dragons of Kralorela.  To some degree, she will do the same for us.  
This Feat has been used to Soothe The Dying, to Overcome Our Fear, and to Unite The Community.

(Harmony) The Healing Feat 

Xiola Umbar healed the burns inflicted on the Uz when Burner entered the Underworld.  She healed the little death that had encompassed Basko, when they found him.  She heals those who turn to her in dire need. However, we have less access to her healing than do the Uz.  
This Feat has been used to Heal Burns, to Heal Chaos Wound and to Heal Injury.  
File:Color post card. Indian witch doctor ("shaman") healing a sick woman. - NARA - 297728.jpg
An attempt to neutralize
the bite of a Huan To

Agents of Reprisal
An apostate may never benefit from her healing, nor enter into her peace.

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