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Basko on the steppes

File:Sun black icon.svgBasko on the Steppes

Rune   Black Sun     

Mythos & History

The Dark came about because the sun was diminished, and Zerel Fan had to find a new way to be manifest within the world.  The Uz found that diminished form of the True Sun, without recognizing what he was.  Xiola Umbar healed him and Zorak Zoran roared on his behalf.  Dozaki sacrificed to him, and his Darkfire Blaze sprang forth.  The Uz followed him as he came to us, since he could only rule again by returning to the East.  He destroyed the city of Zakarath because it did not respect Blood Sun as the Fifth Manifestation, and he fought and defeated Chaos, burning and beheading Tien, and driving off Pocharngo.  He was called into the heavens once more and from there he sends his rain of blood, signifying his nature as Sixth Manifestation, including the powers of the Fifth.
He is the father of Sekever, our great and mighty Emperor, whose memory we praise forever, Lord of Maniacs,
Sender of the Blood Rain, Burner of Corruption, Sixth Manifestation of Zerel Fan and Master of Chern Durel.

Nature of the Cult

The national identity of Chern Durel, but also followed by those who live beyond the notional boundaries of the state.  He brings the Darklight and the Darkflame, heralding a New Dawn under Can Shu.
A black sun

Rune Affinities

The Black Sun is his own Rune, and thereby the source of many powers. He needs no other.

Black Sun Rune Affinity
Basko has undertaken many different acts since he was rediscovered, and these can all be accessed through his one rune.  This affinity has been used for a wide variety of purposes including: negotiating with Uz, finding a path to Chern Durel from the west, seeing by Darklight, facing Chaos without fear, burning away Chaos-taint, and defeating those who doubt the authority of each of the Manifestations of Zerel Fan. The affinity can also be used for warding off any wandering cult specters.

Particular Likes and Dislikes

Likes all Uz, hates all Chaos.  Despise all Kralorelans as stupid, misunderstanding the truth.

Cult Organisation

Rigid and rigorous, with absolute obedience required within the local temple, each community being part of the tribal/national structure, and those in turn owing obedience to Chern Durel.


Any who meet the standard requirements may join the priesthood.  

Holy Days and Sacrifices

Darkness and Fire Days are equally holy, and blood sacrifices are performed on each day, although - due to Uz influence - these are normally of animals only.  The greatest sacrifice is held on the darkest day of Ice Season, with blood from the screaming human victims freezing on the temple steps.

Bloodfeasts are held only on occasions that the priest wishes to summon a specter.

All approach through the Black Sun rune, and are expected to show the cult virtues of Loyal and Pious.


Lord Sekever (Mastery)
This is the subcult for community leaders, and only they may join.  The Rune affinity may be used to command other cult members, although it is useless against Uz.

Sekever the Warrior (Death)
This is the subcult for warriors, and only they may join.  The Rune affinity allows them to make their weapon flare with Darkfire, burning their opponents with unseen flames, or to face the Kralorelans, whatever their numbers.


Any who meet the standard requirements may devote themselves to Basko.  

Basko's feats are limited in nature, given that they all devolve from the one Runic power.

(Black Sun)  The Darklight Feat 
Blazing with Darklight and Darkfire Basko led the Uz into the East.  The light was their guide and the fire his weapon against Chaos. This Feat can be used to ignite a Darklight, to Burn Chaos or to raise a Darkfire Blaze.

(Black Sun) The Bloodfeast Feat 

Basko is able to turn anything to his purpose, being the greatest of all the gods and the Sixth Manifestation.
This Feast and Feat requires that body parts be placed within a communal cooking pot and boiled together.
When all the flesh has fallen from the bones, then the feast is shared between the officiant and all the other worshippers.  A Specter is summoned, inhabiting an illusory body whose parts resemble those of the creature parts which were contributed to the pot.  It is under the Command of the officiant. 

A summoned specter

(Black Sun) The Bloodrain Feat 

The Blood Sun gave this power to Basko in return for reconfirming his authority in the land.  The Feat may be used to Call Blood Rain At Planting, to Fertilise the Field, or to Wash Chaos-Taint Away.

The 10,000 Maniacs

These raging Uz spirits are only accessible as Guardians for devotees at the cult centres in Chern Durel

Agents of Reprisal

The apostate appears rimmed in red flames to any form of spiritual vision.  Their flesh, if contributed to a Bloodfeast, will increase the officiant's success with the Feat by one level for each limb or major organ.

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