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Yuthuppan Oropum's Star

Oropum, the Guiding Star

Runes  Star  Truth

Mythos & History

In the Dark there were few stars that could be seen, let alone relied upon.  The few in the centre of the Skydome were useful for a sense of hope, but it was only when Oropum revealed herself that it was possible to reliably navigate by the stars.  Thus it was, as first amongst reliable star-lore that she was adopted as the patron goddess of Yuthuppa in Dara Happa, under the name Thilla.
Oropum was wise and helpful during the Dark, showing the women which roots could safely be gathered, and which grains could be turned into a nourishing porridge.

When the True Emperor, Vuranostum, visited Yuthuppa he saw the last shrine of Thilla to have remained open from before the Dark.  He recognised it as truly being dedicated to Oropum, and blessed it and its priest with much wealth.  The newly strengthened cult did much to turn the Dark back to Light, and to be a reliable guide to the people in their wanderings.
After the Sankenite rebellion, we took Oropum with us, shedding her Dara Happan name once more.
She is our reliable guide upon the steps. 

Nature of the Cult

The guardians of Hyaloring star-lore, scouts and navigators follow her both literally and spiritually.
She is relaible, Vuranostum-blessed, and powerful against the forces of the Dark.


A four-rayed star.

Rune Affinities
As a Star she is implicitly tied to that rune, and as the reliable guide to the free wanderings of the Hyalorings wields the Truth rune as well.

Star Rune Affinity
Initiates have been known to use this affinity to provide illumination within a home, to distract opponents with lights flickering along armour and clothing, to startle and dazzle in the darkness, and to raise hope when clansfolk are under threat or are lost.  It is also the affinity used when Stargazing, although it is the other affinity used to record the results.  

Truth Rune Affinity
Reladivus invented the counting-pot, and as Master of Serenity taught Oropum the making of marks to record her observations.  Her initiates may use this affinity to imitate that, making records of observations on clay or bone.  They also use the affinity to remember what they have seen and heard, and are the keepers of much clan lore.  The rune is also invoked in teaching, to ensure accurate transmission of knowledge.  Finally, it is used to determine whether food is safe to eat, and is the shape of the distinctive Hyaloring porridge-stirrers.

 Particular Likes and Dislikes

Oropum is friendly towards all those deities who left Nivorah, to all Celestial deities and to all of those who study the stars.  She is implacably opposed to all Darkness beings.

Cult Organisation
Each clan priest or priestess is independent.  If matters need to be discussed on a tribal level then a democratic meeting of the priestly will be called.  How the local leader chooses to organise the clan's cult is up to them.

Priests and Priestesses

Only when a vacancy arises will the cult's tribal council examine all the initiates they have, to see whether one has achieved the necessary requirements of priesthood, and is more deserving than any other.  If there is none, then the local clan temple disperses until one is found.  If there is more than one, the council will observe a recitation of star-lore from the candidates, until one emerges as victor.
Even Pure Horse clans understand that it is a cult requirement for priests to herd goats, and for cult members to eat them during sacrifice meals.

Holy Days and Sacrifices

Holy nights are determined by the local priest.  Sacrifices are goats, generally long-stewed and well spiced.

Middle Kingdom Star Clock from a Rectangular Coffin Lid LACMA M.80.202.500.jpg
Star Code Bone
All approach Oropum through the Star rune, since that is her primary attribute.  They are required to show the cult virtues of Patient and Precise.  They will be trained in the cult's recording script, the Star Code, which has no other purpose and is meaningless to the uninitated.  Some learn to tatoo this as well as to scribe it.


There are none.


Anyone who wishes, and fulfills the standard requirements, may devote themselves to Oropum.
Devotees are generally nocturnal, sleeping in the saddle and awaking at dusk.  They tatoo their faces heavily, using Star Code.

(Star)  The Pathfinder Feat 

In the Dark Oropum was the only sure guide, and so she remains for her people.  This feat has been used to Find A Safe Path, to Remember Our Migratory Route, to Know The Hazards On The Way, and to send out a bright beam of Starlight to show the way for night-time riders.

(Star)  The Light-wielder Feat 

Oropum gave guidance, and she also fought hard to turn back the Dark.  Her priests called the great light of the Skydome back into being, long before the Bright Emperor returned, and she is our champion against the powers of darkness.  
This feat has been used to Blind Digijelm With Starlight Blaze, to Burn Darkness Demons With Starfire, to Illuminate The Camp Until Dawn, to Face The Darkness With Courage, and to make weapons flare with Starfire.

(Truth)  The Recall Feat 

Oropum made the Star Code and taught us how to remember all that we could not note down.
This feat has been used to Ensure Accurate Recording when using Star Code, as an aide memoire when reciting history or observations, to Identify Wrongness In The Sky, and to Fix A Memory with absolute accuracy.

Agents of Reprisal

Oropum will blind the apostate to all Celestial bodies.  No light from them will be visible until the apostate returns to the cult.

Dunhuang star map.jpg
Star Code with (profoundly mistaken) Kralorelan
analysis on the right

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