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The Three Guardians and the Vile Demons

The Three Guardians And The Vile Demons

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Mythos & History

The three guardians of the Dara Happan Hells have been adopted and adapted by the Pentans, and are worshipped together as those who keep the powers of the Underworld from being let loose.
The numerous classes of spirits and demons they hold back are available to cultists on ocassion.

Son of  Deshlotralas and Oria, Veskerele is the lord of the Second Hell, home to mystics and lesser Earth deities.
Deshlotralas, subterranean Lodril, rules the Third Hell with Oria.  This is where the greater deities of the Earth live.
Deshkorgos is ruler of the Fourth Hell, where he holds Hunger, Madness, Fear and Disease behind gates of adamant.
John Martin 002.jpg
The Hell of Deshkorgos

Nature of the Cult

A cult that acts as gatekeeper to the powers that may be called from Hell, and from the Hellcrack.

The three are depicted stood side by side in many cult sculptures and embroidered hangings.
Veskerele is naked and faceless male human.
Deshlotralas is a skeleton, elevating a carved bone 'staff' above his head
Deshkorgos is a  humanoid with a monstrous head (details depending upon the clan), with a whip
Alastor (Dictionnaire Infernal).png
One form of Deshkorgos

Rune Affinities
The Earth rune is that which marks the boundary between world and underworld, and the Hell rune is the power that the cult exercises over those within that realm.

Earth Rune Affinity
The Guardians use the earth to pin the Vile Demons in place and to weaken their power.
Initiates use this affinity to neutralise underworld magics and to empower weapons to strike demons with great effect.

Hell Rune Affinity
The Guardians have power over the inhabitants of the Hells, and Initiates use this affinity to summon and command the Vile Demons.

Particular Likes and Dislikes

The cult has no great liking for anyone, but detests those who breach the walls of Hell without the agreement of the Guardians.

Cult Organisation

The cult allows each subcult to rule itself, but if more than one is present in a clan, the Deshlotralas priest takes precedence over either or Deshkorkgos over Veskerele. 


When an individual is capable of passing the requirements for priesthood they may become a priest of that subcult, however, each clan may have no more than one of each subcult.

Holy Days and Sacrifices

Entirely at the Priest's whim.

Tibetan - A Ritual Box - Walters 572299 - Reverse.jpg
Deshlotralan Lead and Tin Demon Chest


People approach the 3 Guardians through both runes, since the two are necessary for every initiate.  Each initiate must also join a subcult, and must share that subcult's virtues.


Veskerele (Earth)
This subcult provides bodyguards to priests, shamans, mystics and others who are at risk of demonic attack.
They can use their affinity to make armour resist demonic attack, and to enchant walls and doorways against demonic intrusion.

Deshlotralas (Mastery)
This subcult rules the cult and commands those of the underworld.  They can use their affinity to summon and command Earth daemons and Underworld demons, and to over-rule commands given to them by members of the other subcults.

Deshkorgos (Hell)
This subcult guards and controls the Vile Demons imprisoned by the cult.  They can use their affinity to return any of the Vile Demons to Hell.


Any cultist with standard requisite ratings may become a devotee.  Devotees are expected to cover anywhere they sleep with a layer of soil, which usually means sleeping beneath your horse-blanket on the open plain.

(Earth)  The Delving Feat 
Hell is beneath the surface world, but Deshlotralas formed the halls and passages within it. This Feat has been used to Open Chasm, to Bring Lava To The Surface and to Tear Earth Elemental Apart.  It can be used in a controlled way to Dig Tunnel.
This is only available to the Veskerele and Deshlotralas subcults.

(Hell) The Vile Demons Feat
The Fourth Hell contains the Vile Demons, and this Feat enables the cultist to force a Demon to divulge its true name, allowing them to be Summoned and Commanded or Bound with ease.  It also permits one to be forced to Hell at a word of dismissal.
This is only available to the Deshlotralas and Deshkorgos subcults.

The Vile Demons

The cult has access to four distinct classes of Demon. 
The first three are Passion demons, those of Hunger, Madness and Fear.
The fourth are Disease spirits, but ones without linkage to either Malia or Chaos.

Barong 1 - P1310828.JPG
Hunger Demon-mask

Agents of Reprisal

The apostate will be attacked by one of each class of the Vile Demons.  If they are not possessed by any of them, the apostate will be ignored thereafter.


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