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The Earth Eater as worshipped on the steppe

The Earth Eater as worshipped on the steppe


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Mythos & History

An ancient god of Kralorela, the Earth Eater was one of those non-draconic powers that was expelled during that period called 'the Balancing'.  Thereafter the worshippers fled to Chern Durel, and a few to the Hot Lake settlements.  The Earth Eater is the main bulwark against earth dragon influence in Pent.  Much that is evil has spread throughout the earth, but the Earth Eater has driven it off, time and again.

Nature of the Cult

The Earth Eater is a great defender of the people in their new life on the plains.

Each clan has its own way of portraying their god, involving the parts of various earth-associated creatures.

Yoshitoshi Bunbuku Chagama.jpg
Earth Eater at rest

Rune Affinities

The Earth Eater is primarily associated with the Earth, but is also the side of it that is constantly being devoured, the sink-hole and the chasm-edge, the lake rim that crumbles, the Devouring rune in action.

Earth Rune Affinity
The mighty Earth, with all its power and expanse.  Initiates use this affinity to explore the world, to negotiate with non-draconic earth powers, and to avoid the attention of earth-dragons.

Devouring Rune Affinity
The process by which the earth decays and disappears into the void.  Use of this affinity inevitably brings the end of the world closer, but is also very powerful.  Initiates may use this affinity to find a sink-hole, to run along a crumbling cliff-edge, to devour draconic magic, and to empower weapons to destroy any metal of stone based armour.

Particular Likes and Dislikes

The cult is friendly towards all cults of Chern Durel, and loathes all draconic powers and creatures.

Cult Organisation

All temples and shrines acknowledge the supremacy of the cult in Chern Durel.  Otherwise, each is a law unto itself, ruled by whichever is the most senior priest.  They are, however, all friendly towards each other.


These are appointed as and when a willing candidate meets the requirements.  All priests are under the authority of their clans' Chief Priests.  For preference all weapons and armour worn by priests are made from draconic materials.

Holy Days and Sacrifices

Each Earth Day is a holy day, with sacrifices being Earth rune associated creatures.  The most highly valued are Mostali creations, or Mostali themselves.


AM 738 4to, 43r, BW Jörmungandr.jpeg
Earth Eater and
reindeer head

The Earth Eater is approached through the Earth rune, since it is necessary to understand its creativity before you learn of destruction and Devouring.  Initiates must have the virtue Hate Draconics


There are none


Anybody with the standard requirements may devote themselves to the Earth Eater. They are required to kill a draconic being every season.

(Earth)  The Rich Earth Feat 

The Earth Eater appreciates the beauty of all that has grown upon the wide span of the world.
Cultists have used this Feat to Find Peaceful Camp-Site, to Find Healing Loam, to Find Path, and to 
Command Earth Daemon.

(Devouring) The Earth Devouring Feat 

The Earth Eater opens the gaps in the world that lets the Void peer in, and fights against the insidious influence of the Earth Dragon.  Cultists have used this Feat to Smite Dragon, to Reveal Dragon, to Reveal Sink-Hole, to Open Chasm, or Erode The Edge.

File:Kanlidivane sinkhole.JPG
Castle undermined and wrecked near the Hot Lake

Agents of Reprisal

The apostate is accounted still more valuable as a sacrifice than is a Mostali.

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