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The cult of The Mother Of The Soul Eater

Kralorelan Hero being brought low by
an avatar of the Soul Eater

Runes  Death   Hunger

Mythos & History

She had a name, amongst the Zaytenerae, before the coming of the Dark.  She had a husband and a family, was adjudged beautiful and lovely.  The Dark came, and many powers were let loose upon the surface of the world and among the Zaytenerae.  After losing all her children to the Dark, after being raped by the children of Old Storm, after seeing her brother, Kalikos, disappear on what looked like a hopeless quest, she and her husband looked for a way to heal the world. They enlisted the help of another, a Zayteneran whose skin was curiously mottled, and whose light flickered and varied, who claimed to have the ability to bring healing.
Together these three danced a new dance, sharing their light and building their power until a new light started to pulse in their midst.
The Devil came, the Destroyer, the Father of Tien.

Rejected now by the remaining Star-Gods, their names taken away, the unstable one was sent into the west, an inconstant sun.  The husband was torn apart in the battles that followed, and the nameless bright one became the target for the rage and lust of every male.
From these rapes many children were born, but in the Darkness all were lost to her, spilling like blood over a savaged world.  She fled, and came to that place we name the Hellcrack. There, waiting patiently and savagely, was a terrible spirit, the Father Of Spiders, whose wife had disappeared shortly after the Hellcrack opened in the Dark.
In his silent rage and lust he leaped upon this vulnerable Goddess, binding her with cords of adamantine strength, impregnating her with virile power and purest venom. She took upon herself something of his nature, and devoured him after fighting free of his bonds
From this savage mating came forth the Eater of Souls, who some name Yara, who in turn is the mother of Pack Spiders, All-Killer.  Many times has she brought forth young since, but each and every one is a new Yara, joining the Pack upon the steppe.  .

Once, in his brutal hatred for all things Pentan, the Son of the Moon came to her, guided by an ancient, changing light.  Upon her he fathered another Yara, but this one was consumed with a desire to eat all the horses of Pent.  She, her mother rejected.

The Mother of the Soul Eater has no name, and will accept none.  She has a purpose, to consume the dead and eventually give birth to that which will follow the world.  Until that time she hides from view, pursued by the lust of killers and the power of destroyers.

Death in the wastes comes easily, and  the carrion-eater follows

Nature of the Cult

Worshippers of The Mother of the Soul Eater are cleansers of the steppe, devourers of carrion, temple prostitutes and the birthers of horror.  They are the power of long-brooding vengeance.


An eight-rayed star with a hollow centre, each ray hooked into a savage claw.

Rune Affinities
The Mother of the Soul Eater is the eater-of-the-dead, and so is linked to the runes of Death and Hunger.

Death Rune Affinity
Initiates can use their Death rune magic for a number of diverse purposes.  It has be used to sniff out the dead, to sever a soul from the body, to bless a weapon as a life-draining tool, and to take the joy of the procreative act and leave nothing but the taste of ashes.

Hunger Rune Affinity
The eater-of-the-dead is never satisfied, for the hole at the centre of the star is a hole in her soul as well as her belly.  Initiates have used this affinity to defeat Waha-Tricksters in eating contests, to devour something completely unpalatable without revulsion, to consume carrion without risk of disease or chaos-contamination, and to spur a sexual partner on to ever greater acts of energy and prowess.

Particular Likes and Dislikes

She loves Yara as her true child, hates Chaos creatures as the perverse product of rape during the Dark, and has a good relationship with Uryarda, for remembered kinship.
Cult members will never eat goat, but often raise them for milk, wool and hide.  She respects, but does not co-operate with Unnek and any spider-deity, regarding them as worthy competitors.  She hates Storm-Gods as rapists, and their followers as rape incarnate.

Cult Organisation

Temples are frequently mutually hostile, or at least competitive.  Priestesses and priests ritually mate upon meeting, or else must fight to the death.  They rule their temple with absolute power.  The initiates are required to serve one day a week as temple prostitutes, but children resulting are usually exposed, since their goddess allowed her young to depart as soon as they were born.

Priests and priestesses are ordained by their fellows when they are recognised as having achieved the required level of ability and piety.  They are immediately mated with and expelled from the Temple on pain of death.

Holy Days and Sacrifices
Fire Day of each week is celebrated with an horrific feast that nobody else would willingly attend.  Any other days are celebrated as the local leader decides.

One may approach The Mother Of The Soul Eater through either of her runes, since each is as important as the other to her.  They are expected to be utterly servile towards their leader, and to respect the clan's social order.  Initiates are required to demonstrate the cult virtues of Callous and Selfish.


The cult is too small and internally competitive to have developed any.


An initiate with both Runes can choose to devote themselves to the Goddess, under the usual requirements and restrictions.  They are required to develop the Competetive and Lustful virtues, if they do not already have them.  They value their own bloodline and its rise to power above all else.

(Hunger) The Empty Zayteneran Feat 
The Mother of the Soul Eater is a star that lost all stellar identity, but is desperately hungry for all that she has lost.
This feat has been used to swallow celestial magics whole and without harm, to empower cultists with a great moral strength when facing both celestialists and their enemies, to eat without being filled and without the need to expel waste, and to move the cultist to continue with any task, no matter obstacle or risk.

(Death) The Guilt of Chaos Feat 

As one of those who brought the Devil into the world, The Mother of the Soul Eater is guilty of immense sins.  She desires to reverse the outcome, return her lost family to life, and to bring Time to a happy release.
This feat has been used to strengthen the resolve of cultists in the face of Chaos, to shame a warband that has fled from Chaos into hunting down their enemy, to chasten a cult member into thinking before acting impetuously, and to empower an Oath for vengeance for, or rescuing of, family members.

File:PSM V41 D762 Dancing paraphernalia shaman shirt.jpg
A medicine shirt of a worshipper of
the Mother of the Soul Eater


(Death) The Cold Death Feat 
She took this feat as a subservient spirit from the spider who seized her and fathered Yara.
It has been used to conceal an ambush, to harden the hearts of those who must kill innocents, to bind captives with unbreakable cords, and to envenom weapons.

Agents of Reprisal

Pack Spiders are attracted to the scent of the apostate, and find their flavour very pleasing.  

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