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Redaylde of the Pentans

Redaylde of the Pentans

Runes  Horse  Harmony

Mythos & History

When Nivorah was founded, it was the home of Reladivus, Master of Serenity.  Reladivus was the source of token-jars, and without him there would have been no records.  He had a joyous family, Gamara his wife, Hyalor the Golden Bow, his nephew, and Redaylde the wanderer, his adopted daughter, who appeared from the wilderness, tracking Hyalor.  She was set upon marrying him, and so, when she had passed Reladivus' Test of Transformation, she did.
She had no memory of the path she had followed, so was lost to her kin but at home among the
people and horses of Nivorah.  
When the Unrighteous Emperor betrayed the people of Nivorah, she and her family led them out into the wilds, to find a better way of living.
While Gamara cares for the horses who have spirits, Redaylde cares for those who have souls.
Since before the Dawn she has cared, and she is a link back to the people of Holay, ancient relatives, since they too worship her.  The storm worshippers far away to the south know her as well, but their worship falls short of recognising her full stature.

Dioscure Capitole.jpg
Hyalor and Redaylde, Jillaro

Nature of the Cult

Not all horses are best served animistically, and Redaylde is the source of theistic power for the care of horses.  She, as wife of Hyalor, is also Mother of the Hyalorings, and source of communal peace.


None is needed - a mare is her best image.

Rune Affinities
As the Mother of the Hyalorings, she has the Harmony rune for the sake of peace, and as the Horse Goddess she has the Horse rune. 

Horse Rune Affinity
Redaylde is the Horse Goddess, and as such this is her rune.  That allows her many powers.
This affinity is of great utility in all matters relating to the care, taming, training and breeding of horses, and a very partial list of uses includes veterinary midwifery, safe and secure riding at speed over difficult ground, pacifying and mentally influencing a horse, and first aid for horse injuries.
The affinity can also be used to Transform the initiate to and from the form of a mare.

Harmony Rune Affinity
Redaylde is the wife of the Founder of the Hyalorings, and as such has great power over her descendants.  This affinity has been used to calm families, to permit the initiate to speak with authority to Hyalorings, and to peacefully approach clan and tribal leaders without attracting their anger.

 Particular Likes and Dislikes

Redaylde dislikes any creature that eats horse, and will have no dealings with any who worship their gods or follow their spirits.  She likes the Sairdite peoples of Holay, and acknowledges the Orlanthi peoples of Holay, and sees both sets of gods as allies, especially the Red Haired Woman.

Cult Organisation
The cult is strictly hierarchical, with a tribal High Priestess having authority over the clans' Priestesses.  The Priestess within a clan is the absolute authority within the local cult, since only one mare can lead the herd.


Any who meet the standard requirements may offer themselves for examination.  Even if successful, she cannot take on her power and authority until a clan has a vacancy.  If several women are competing for one priestly position, it is decided by a day-long horse race.

Holy Days and Sacrifices

The first and last days of each season are holy, and are marked with throat-songs and harp playing.
Sacrifices are only held on the first day, when predators are tied in position and stampeded over by the herd.

All Initiates approach the goddess through the Horse rune, and only females are permitted.  They must evidence the cult virtues of Love Horses, Persistent and Prudent.  Initiates tend the herd night and day by shift, and are expected to show themselves loyal wives in imitation of Redaylde's love for Hyalor.


There are none.


Anyone who wishes, and fulfills the standard requirements, may devote themselves.

(Horse)  The  Horse-Care Feat 

Redaylde could heal all horse-ills, could call all the herds of Nivorah with a whistle, and could find the mating that would produce a strong and healthy bloodline.
By using the Horse-Care Feat you can drive off any spirit causing a disease in the herd; bless a mating, a pregnant mare or a new-born foal, and summon the clan herds.  It enables the cultist to understand their mount through a mental linkage, and to scent any predators in the herd's vicinity.

The herd responding to the Priestess' call

(Harmony)  The Foundress Feat 

Redaylde came out of the wilderness and proved by magic that she had the right to be Mother of a race of humans as well as goddess of horses.  She then sustained her proof by wise and careful management of the people that arose out of the ruin of Nivorah.  Even if the cultist is a Hirenmadoring or an adopted outsider, this feat will still be available to her, although it is always harder to achieve success if the magic is not being used to target Hyalorings.
This feat has been used to bless weddings, houses and tents, and the new-born of the clan; to heal hurts and hurt feelings, to lighten moods and to head off arguments.

Agents of Reprisal

The apostate will stink of a blend of wolf, smilodon and broo, sending all horses around them wild.

File:Feral stallions fighting- Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range - Montana.jpg
The apostate's horse brutally attacking another, both driven mad by the stench

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