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The Cult of Kalikos Icebreaker as worshipped in Pent

The Cult Of Kalikos Icebreaker as worshipped in Pent

Runes  Heat  Star

Mythos & History

Kalikos was a Star Captain amongst the Zaytenerae, a lively and warm champion amongst those happy beings.  He was a leader in the Darkness, saving Stars from annihilation and enslavement.  He pursued the Demons of Darkness into the Underworld to bring back captives, and found them not only benighted but chilled to the bone.  He relit their starlight and reignited their flames.

As the Dawn came, Kalikos found that the Skydome was significantly less populated than it had been, and he vowed to continue rescuing the victims until the Pre-Dark Light returned.  Half the year, when warmth rules the world, he forges paths deep into the Underworld and rescues fallen stars.
The remaining half of the year he rises above the horizon and warms the world, holding back the Glacier from its return.

Nature of the Cult

The cult has two distinct attributes, that of the Star-rescuer and that of the Land-Warmer.
Rescuing Stars is a religious duty to the Kargzant-followers, and the Hero who follows this path is much admired.  The Land-Warmer is vital to survival on the steppe, particularly in the tundra, and the Hero who follows that path is greatly valued by the clan.


A tall, star-crowned armed and armoured warrior in clan regalia, stood in the prow of his mighty Boat on the moat in front of the Palace of Kalikos, a fortress of streaming lights and radiant towers.

Rune Affinities

As a Star Captain Kalikos is associated with the Star Rune, and as the Earth-Warmer with the Heat Rune.

Star Rune Affinity
As a Zayteneran, Kalikos is implicitly associated with this rune.  Initiates can use this affinity to clarify their perception and to enhance their abilities with ranged weapons of all sorts, frequently making arrows and javelins stream starfire as they sweep towards their target.
Initiates can use this rune to find and track those who are strong in the rune themselves, as Kalikos tracks the captive stars in Hell's Darkness.  Similarly they can hold back the effects of Darkness and Darkness elementals by invoking the rune.

Heat Rune Affinity
As the Star-That-Warms-The-Earth, Kalikos is associated with this rune as the means to an end.
He uses it to thaw the ground with winter's end, and to melt the Glacier back to its proper bounds.
Initiates can use this affinity to resist cold and any associated powers.  Their armour and shield can be warmed without causing discomfort to the wearer.

 Particular Likes and Dislikes

Kalikos is friendly towards all stars that remain loyal and pure, and to all Solar life-bringing powers.
He is hostile towards all the powers of Cold and Darkness.  He, and his cultists, are conflicted in their relationships with Basko as a deity who is linked to both the Sun and Darkness.

Cult Organisation

There are few worshippers in Pent, but all of those acknowledge the one hierarchy beyond tribe and people.  They are glad when they meet, and will feast each other when they can, but they have no need to associate except on the rarest occasions.  Shrines are temporary, since they will generally be crushed by encroaching ice floes in the coldest years.  


Priests are ordained by their fellows when they are recognised as having achieved the required level of ability and piety.  They each maintain a string of shrines and care for the needs of any cultists as they pass.

Holy Days and Sacrifices

There are holy days on every Fire Day, with a 'special' day on the first Fire Day of each (Pentan) season.  The holy days are marked with small fires and dances, the special days with sacrifices of fragrant woods and Darkness creatures - the more powerful and intelligent the better.
File:Croesus at the Stake, after Hans Holbein the Younger.jpg
Birini line-drawing of a major sacrifice of an idealised Zorak Zoran priest.
The Kalikos worshippers are naked due to their control over the Heat rune


Initiates must possess an affinity with one of the two cultic runes.  They must be loyal to their priests and to their clan chiefs - in that order.  Their required virtues are dependent upon the rune or runes they possess -  Star - Distant
                       Heat - Dedicated
                       Both - Wanderlust


The cult is too small to have developed sub-cults, no matter how distinct the powers of the two runes at its heart may be.


An initiate with both runes may devote themselves to Kalikos under the normal requirements and restrictions.  A devotee of Kalikos should demonstrate all three of the cult virtues, and will willingly undertake any quest in line with cult interests.  They value success in cult purposes far above wealth or recognition, and will willingly forego either if it means strengthening the Light or hindering the Cold.

(Star)  The Star Captain Feat 

Kalikos is the Star Captain who never stops, and the embodiment of the Star Captain glows with starlight, has an absolute sense of direction, and is fearless in the face of the powers of Hell.  You are immune to any emotional appeal or attack that might distract you from your purpose, including loyalty to anyone or anything beyond the cult.
You can cause your starlight to flare in anything other than full sunlight or moonlight, dazzling all those facing you.  You can kindle star-flame on any weapon or, distractingly, to dance on shield or  armour.

(Heat) The Ice-breaker Feat 

Kalikos guides his star-iron-prowed vessel around the fringe of the Glacier, breaking up the larger surges and melting the smaller ones.  You can warm all those on-board a vessel with you, warding off the effects of the cold, natural or magical.  You can empower any blade with the power to slice cleanly through ice, and you can hasten the thaw of an area of pasture at winter's end.  You can warm your armour to the point where it will melt snow and ice on contact, although it will not preserve you against any impact caused by a large lump or spear of ice.
Walindum impotent to stop the Boat of Kalikos 

Lesser Stellar Gods

Many of the Stars that Kalikos rescued have stayed in his Palace, because although it is in the Underworld it is a place of beauty and safety, recalling the lost wonders of the Zayteneran paradise.
These are the source of the wondrous streams of light which flow from the Palace into the northern sky.


Beings of beauty and refinement, trailing streams of light as they pass, they listen but do not speak.
A summoner may only call one when the lights are already in the sky.  They glow gently until their powers are called upon, when they can release the pulsating streamers of  light for which they are known.  They attack by bewildering an opponent, although they have no effect upon those who cannot see them.

Agents of Reprisal

There are none as such, since Kalikos simply withdraws all forms of protection from the erring character.  

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