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Gorgorma, the Avenger

Gorgorma the Avenger

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A rape with a highly stylised and impassive Gorgorma awaiting invocation
Runes  Gorgorma    Dark Earth 

Mythos & History

Gorgorma is a deity first encountered during the Gamatae's time ruling Naveria and Pelanda.  While her worship was never officially sanctioned in Dara Happa, her presence and power were acknowledged during the Ordanestyan Reformation and she was recognised as playing a role in some of the most ancient solar myths. 

She was one of the Treasures of the Earth, freed from the underworld by the efforts of one of the most ancient heroes, dependent upon the myth named as ViSaruDaran or Turos.  She was ever watchful over her mother, her sisters and their children.  When Kagardu, a chaos demon, attacked her mother, named as Jernotia in Pelanda, attempted to assault one sister and raped another, it was Gorgorma who struck from her mother's anus, tearing him asunder.  She has defended the earth ever since, rending those who would attack it and destroying those that already have.  She it is that mocked the Trickster, taking his tool-of-mockery for a keepsake.


Nature of the Cult

The refuge for wronged women, the destroyer of those governed by their lust.

A woman with snake hair, clawed hands and feet, biting mouths in her palms, and sharp, severing teeth in three orifices, for temple sculptures.  Otherwise, simply a furious woman.
Gorgorma pendant

Rune Affinities

Gorgorma is associated with the Earth by way of her descent and her devotion to its protection, although her approach to it has darkened its form, and she has her own rune, with which to carry out her vengeance.

Dark Earth Rune Affinity
Although associated with this rune, Gorgorma is utterly severed from the productive aspects it has.
Initiates have used it to track defilers of the earth and of women, to feed the earth with the blood of those defilers, and to empower their maces as they crush their opponents.

Gorgorma Rune Affinity
This is her own rune,  so Gorgorma gains the maximum use from it.  Initiates have used it to protect virginity, to empower oaths of vengeance, to take on a fearsome rage when facing rapists that robs them of their courage and fills the cultist with violent fury.

Particular Likes and Dislikes

She likes all female Earth cults, distrusts all male cults, and reserves especial hatred for Thedites.

Cult Organisation

There is very little, since membership follows local atrocity.  


The Priestess is simply the most powerful local worshipper, leading the others in liturgy and sacrifice. There are neither special requirements nor powers attached to the position.

Holy Days and Sacrifices

Any day of vengeance is holy, and defiler of innocence a suitable sacrifice.  The sacrifices are ripped apart, their blood left to drip into the earth as recompense.


Gorgorma may only be approached through her own Rune, since she and it are one.  Initiates must remain celibate, may never undertake any activity bringing life or fertility to the world, and must take the cult virtues of Ruthless, Savage and Vengeful.


There are none


Any initiate who matches the standard requirements may devote herself to Gorgorma.  These women are the leading killers for the cult, and will not associate with men at all.  

(Dark Earth)  The Bloody Earth Feat 

This is the magic that Gorgorma uses to curse and to punish, rather than the one she uses to utterly destroy.  It is often used if no immediate opportunity for destruction arises.  It has been used to Waste Male Loins, to Thwart Healing, to Render Male Impotent, to Transfer Wound To Victim, to make an offender Feel My Pain, and may also serve a 'constructive' purpose of Wash Away Earth Wound With Blood.

(Gorgorma) The Earth Defender Feat 
Gorgorma leaps to defend the Earth when she perceives a threat.  This Feat can be used to Transform Into Gorgorman with all of the features listed in the 'Depiction' above.  This saps all courage and hope from an opponent, as well as allowing the cultist to develop the Gorgorman Fighting Style.

(Gorgorma) The Earth's Avenger Feat

Gorgorma destroys those who rape.  This Feat is used to sever and utterly destroy the instrument of violation, and may also be used to Increase Blood Loss immediately thereafter.

File:Preparatory Sketch for Demoness Sonjicho LACMA M.84.31.391.jpg
Simple, mundane vengeance
is always an option

Agents of Reprisal

There are none, since Gorgorma understands that even her raped sister did not follow the path of vengeance.

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