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The Cult Of Walindum as worshipped in Pent

The Cult Of Walindum as worshipped in Pent

Runes  Cold, Glacier

The Glacier covered in ash from the last Kalikos expedition's efforts

Mythos & History

Greatest of all the enemies in the Darkness, he brought about the eternal hatred between the Hyalorings and the Dara Happans, and ground Nivorah to nothing beneath his Glacier at the height of his power.  He co-operated with the Uz and their kin, bringing great suffering to all the world.
Driven back in the end, he keeps his court in the far north, separated from the world by walls of Eternal Ice and the efforts of Kalikos.  The Uz eventually turned against him, and they are as much victims of his hatred as any others.  The Hollri are his children, and team in hordes that wait to be unleashed upon the world once more, as the Glacier returns to unite all the cold lands of Genertela.

Nature of the Cult

An enemy of all of Pent, he is a refuge for the psychotic, psychopathic and sociopathic in Pent.
The cult is only organised amongst the Korer, and even there is regarded as dangerously odd. 


Temples are centred upon a 'statue of eternal death', where an enemy warrior is kept permanently frozen.  Walindum is understood to be manifested in the frozen body.

Rune Affinities

Walindum is associated with the Glacier, as its progenitor, and Cold as his ability to project power into the post-Dawn world.

Glacier Rune Affinity
The initiate can use this affinity to resist any Fire, Sun or Heat based magics, and to bear heat if they venture south.  It can be used to assist the initiate when skating, skiing or climbing an ice-face, and to protect ice against an attempt to melt it.  It can be used to demoralise Dara Happans, Pelorians and Hyalorings alike as the cultist appears backed by the grinding power of the Rune.  The Hollri are children of the Glacier, and may be summoned and commanded by the use of this Rune,

 Cold Rune Affinity
The initiate can use this affinity to enhance their weaponry, coating them with bitter and sharp edged icicles.  The footwear of opponents may be slicked with ice, and the hearts of human and horse chilled.  The rune may be used to douse beings of fire and freeze those of water, or to blight crops.
Rain may be changed to hail, sleet or snow, and rain soaked land be frozen.
An extrusion into the White Sea

 Particular Likes and Dislikes

Walindum hates all those who follow Fire, Sun or Heat powers, and each and every Dara Happan.
The clans have no particular friends.

Cult Organisation

Each priest is a law unto themselves, with their own band of fellow-worshippers fanatically loyal to their every whim. 


The strongest, as indicated by their fulfillment of standard requirements, will be ordained priests and exiled by their old band, since they now have the responsibility to raise a community of their own.

Holy Days and Sacrifices

Darkness Day each week is a holy day, with a sacrifice frozen to death.  The final such day in each (Pentan) season calls for human sacrifice.


All initiates must possess an affinity with the Cold rune, through which Walindum may be approached, even when not on the Glacier.  All initiates are expected to show the virtues of the snowstorm and the Glacier, being both Boisterous and Obstinate.  Their absolute loyalty to their priest is required and enforced by the priest themselves.  (An inability to enforce loyalty being the sign that the priest should be the next sacrifice.)


The cult is too small to have developed sub-cults.


A Walindum initiate may devote themselves, with the usual requirements and restrictions.
Devotees wish to be known for their Cruel virtue, and from choice will never kill cleanly.

 (Glacier) The Advancing Glacier Feat 

Walindum drove south in the Darkness, crushing cities and peoples beneath him, freezing the Oslir as he touched it, and driving back the Solar Empire of Dara Happa.  This feat has been used to smash walls and buildings, to level hills and freeze rivers, to destroy Solar magics and directly slay Yelmites and their kin.

(Glacier) The Indomitable Glacier Feat 

Walindum withdrew into the north when the Sun grew strong again, but it was not retreat, but rather a redeployment of power.  He may not be attacked where he is, but waits behind his walls of Eternal Ice.  The feat may be used to build walls of ice or berms of snow, to open crevasses and to strengthen the cultist with the immovable might of Walindum.  It can also cause ice to blaze dazzlingly bright in the presence of light.

(Cold) The Freezing Blast Feat

Walindum's icy winds and bitter snowfall brings immobility and misery to his opponents.  The feat can create a spear of ice, freeze land to permafrost, and can slay an opponent with a blast of severe cold.  It can call an ice-storm or a deep snowfall.
A Teshnan settlement having suffered
an attack from wandering Walindum Korer

Lesser Glacial Gods

The Hollri and the Hrimthur are both servants of Walindum, and may be spoken with in voices touched with the howl of winter's north wind.

Agents of Reprisal

Any member of the cult will recognise the character as apostate, and Walindum leaves the contriving of a vicious torture to those who remain faithful.

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