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The Peoples of Pent

The Peoples of the ten arrows and their associates

There are eight distinct strands, seven human and one Hsunchen, that feed into the peoples of Pent.

1              Targosites
2              Hyalorings
3              Hirenmadorings
4              Korer
5              Chen Durelites
6              Kralorelans
7              Teshnans
8              Hsunchen

Each has their history, their religion, their customs and their styles by which they may be known amongst – and distinguished from – the others.

There are also those others who are related to, but not presently counted amongst, the Pentans.

9           Grazelanders
10           Zebra Riders
11           Char Un

And finally there are those who share much with their steppe-dwelling relatives, but who have a substantially changed context.

12           Red Hair Tribe

The most significant sentence dealing with Pent in the Guide to Glorantha is misleading in its very simplicity - "Pent is unknown to most outsiders simply because no one but the natives find any reason to be there."  Only the Pentans truly know what is occuring in their lands, and they are quite content to keep it that way.  If Dara Happans and Kralorelans alike are unaware of the major religious developments centred around the sedentary states of the Hot Lake, then all to the good.  If the close links of certain factions within Chern Durel and Pent go un-noticed, then Can Shu can remain ignorant of them!

The general description of Pentan culture is a fair broad guide.  It is no more accurate than may be expected when dealing with such an enormous land with such a complex history.
Each of the peoples listed above must be treated separately, even if the broad overview still holds reasonably true.

We begin with the Targosites, a collection of peoples holding to a common ancestral line. 

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