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Red Hair Tribe Q&A

Clan Questionnaire for the Ten Clans of the Red Hair Tribe

Since there are but ten clans this is, of course, more restrictive than the other Q&As.

All of the clans have shrines to Kargzant, the Red Khan and ma-Tamara.  
All are Horse herders.

1  We are the righteous children of Pent and of the Empire.  We are new, and we are 
    growing.  Once there was a clan.  Now there are ten.  How do you see yourselves?

a  We are of Pent
b  We are of the Empire
c  We are the best of both

a  2 checks to Fire rune
b  2 checks to Moon rune and Loyal virtue
File:Pendant LACMA M.76.97.648a (1 of 2).jpg
Hunting charm of the Red Hair Tribe
c  2 checks Moon rune, Loyal, Proud and Inclusive virtues

2  Our clansfolk specialise in different tasks.  Which area of 
    expertise is yours?

a  Warfare
b  Hunting
c  Herding
d  Scouting
e  Trading

a  2 checks to Death rune and Courage virtue.          Check to War resource
b  2 checks to Hunting rune and Patient virtue.        Economy: Hunting
c  2 checks to Horse rune and Patient virtue.             Check to Wealth resource
d  2 checks to Movement rune                                       Check to Morale resource
e  2 checks to Communication rune and Friendly virtue
    Checks to Wealth and Peace resources                     Economy: Trading

3  The Tribe has grown over the centuries.  Which set of clan foundings were yours?
     (NB this is to be chosen as part of the overall setup of the Tribe!)

a  First Founding
b  Second and Third
c  Fourth to Sixth
d  Subsequent

a  2 checks to Moon rune, Loyal, Proud & Inclusive virtues and Wealth resource
b  Check to Moon rune, Loyal, Proud & Inclusive virtues and Wealth resource
c  No effect
d  2 checks to Cynical virtue

4  Red Hair Place is a commemoration of victory and defeat, a welcoming into the people
File:Museum für Indische Kunst Dahlem Berlin Mai 2006 066.jpg
Depiction of Pentan fathers
bringing their children as tribute
    of ma-Tamara and a reminder of weakness, a place of power
    and of oppression.
    How do you treat it?

a  A hallowed shrine
b  The place of destiny
c  The place of tribute
d  The place of slavery
e  It is forbidden to approach it

a  The clan Revere Red Hair Place           Checks to Moon rune, Loyal and Pious virtues
b  The clan Revere Red Hair Place           2 checks to Optimist virtue
c  The clan Despise Pentans                       2 checks to Fatalist virtue 
d  The clan Hate Red Hair Place              Lose Moon and Loyal checks     
     Check to Cynical virtue
e  The clan Fear Red Hair Place               2 checks to Pious and Pessimist virtues

5  There are many different peoples within the Empire, for We Are All Us.  Some of their
     intentions bewilder us, some enrage us, but most appear benign.  Have any of these
     peoples become your friends?

a  Lunars
b  Rinliddins
c  Sable Riders
d  None in particular

a-c  Recent Friend: [ ]
e      Checks to Proud virtue and Morale resource

6  There are those who confuse us and antagonise us.  There are the followers of Yara, 
     and the prideful urbanites - it is all very troubling, and seems most un-Sedenyan. 
    Have you any who you class as enemies?

a  None in particular
b  Dara Happans
c  Yara Araneans

a  Peace resource
b  Recent Enemy: Dara Happans
c  Fear Yara Araneans

7  Have you made any particular friends beyond the present bounds of the Empire?

a  Korer
b  Blue Moon Digijelm
c  Chern Durelites
d  Kralorela
e  Zarkosites

All: Recent Friend: [ ]
a  Check to War resource
b  Checks to Moon rune and Magic resource         Three checks to secretive virtue 
c  Check to Wealth resource
d  Check to Wealth resource
e  No effect

8  And have you made any particular foes with whom you struggle?

a  Hirenmadorings
b  Hyalorings
c  Targosites
d  Digijelm
e  'Kralorelan Imported Pentans'
f   'Teshnan Imported Pentans'
g  'Chern Durelite Imported Pentans'
h  'Shan Shan Hsunchen Imported Pentans'
i   Gor-Dun Hsunchen

a-i  Recent Enemy: [ ]

9  You have served the Empire long and well, and the Empire marks you deeply.  Moonson
     has many sides to his nature, and these are shown in his Masks.  Which of the Masks that
     you have served has marked you most deeply?

a  Artifex
b  Voracius
c  Venerabilis
d  Robustus
e  Celestinus
f  Militaris
g  Reclusus
h  Ignifer
i  Argenteus
j  None.  It is Moonson who we follow

a  Check to Loyal virtue                                    The clan Despise Dara Happan Priests
b  The clan Hate Assassins
c  The clan Despise Hon-Eelists
d  Check to Cynical virtue                                 Lose Loyal check
e  Recent Enemy: Pentans                                Checks to Wealth & Communication runes
    Economy: Trading
f  No effect
g  Checks to Fire rune & Magic resource       Lose checks to Wealth & Loyal
h  The clan Fear The Counting Scholars
i  Check to Peace resource
j  Check to Moon rune, Pious & Loyal virtues

10  We have met vile creatures upon the steppes.  Which are worst?

a  Chaos Gaggles
b  Urgarugar
c  Romal
d  Pack Spider
e  Fell Wolves
f  Huan To
g  Ghouls
h  Pocharngans
i  Uzhim
j  Hollri

a-j  The clan Fear [ ]

11  The Sorcerers of Orathorn are truly terrible monsters.  How do you feel towards them?
File:Bell LACMA M.76.97.526.jpg
Horse-harness bell for warding off sorcery

a  Abject Fear
b  Horror
c  Fury
d  Hatred
e  Unaffected

a  The clan Fear Orathorn
b  The clan Loathe Orathorn
c  Recent Enemy: Orathorn
d  The clan Hate Orathorn
e  No effect

12  Although we have encountered the followers of the Path of the Storm, for some reason
      none of the Tribe have reported back on them.  What is your reason?

a  We really are not certain
b  Our heritage calls to us
c  We are naturally secretive
d  What is to be gained by doing so?
e  We see a different future
f  We have been well paid to keep silent
g  We gave our word to our kin
h  We are assessing the situation....
i  We have been placed under a magical gaeas!
j  We are learning more of these spirits...

a  3 checks to Indecisive virtue
b  Lose all Loyal checks                          Recent Friend: Pentans
c  3 checks to Secretive virtue
d  3 checks to Shrewd virtue
e  Lose all Moon checks                          Change Loyal & Cynical checks to Rebellious virtue
f  Wealth resource                                    Change Loyal & Cynical checks to Greedy virtue
g  Morale resource                                   Change Loyal & Cynical checks to Honourable virtue
h  3 checks to Pragmatic virtue             Change Loyal & Cynical checks to Cautious virtue    
i   3 checks to Loyal virtue                      Lose 2 Magic checks
j   Change Fire checks to Storm rune                  
                                                             Change Loyal, Cynical & Pious checks to Pragmatic virtue

File:Museum für Indische Kunst Dahlem Berlin Mai 2006 056.jpg
Pot for serving Kumis to guests

13  While horses are our preferred mount, there are other 
       animals to be herded.
       Have you started herding any other animal?

a  No                           
b  Sheep & Goats
c  Cattle
d  They are all of value

a  2 checks to Pious virtue                                                 Economy: Kumis Fermentation
b  Economy: Sheep & Goat Herding, Wool Clothing Products
c  Economy: Cattle Herding, Cheese Production                     Check to Wealth resource
d  Check to Shrewd virtue

14  We all follow Kargzant, the leader of the herd, and the Red Khan, founder of the Tribe.
      There are others within the Path of Fire, but not all are followed by each clan.
      Which shrines do your shamans maintain?

a  Chaghatishi and Morgzil
b  Chaghatishi, Morgzil & Bornad
c  Chaghatishi, Morgzil & Chandrant
d  Chaghatishi, Morgzil, Bornad & Chandrant
e  Chaghatishi, Morgzil & Tirgzant
f  Chaghatishi, Morgzil, Bornad & Tirgzant
g  Chaghatishi, Morgzil & Dua
h  Chaghatishi, Morgzil, Bornad & Dua
i  Chaghatishi, Morgzil & Foilen
j  Chaghatishi, Morgzil, Bornad & Foilen

All: Shrines to all listed
a  Checks to Loyal & Courage virtues
b  No other effect
c  Check to Wealth resource and Communication rune 
d  Check to Wealth resource
e  Check to Magic resource
f  Check to Magic resource
g  Economy: Dog breeding
h  Economy: Dog breeding, Dog training
i   Economy: Owl Training
j  Economy: Owl breeding, Owl training

15  We all follow ma-Tamara, the mother of the herd, she who courses across the meadow of
       the skydome, mount of the Red Khan and dam of Kargzant.  There are others within the
      Path of Earth, and we follow them also, although not every clan has a shrine to every
      spirit.  Which shrines do your shamans support?

a  Arginu, Lorest & Oijampek
b  Arginu, Lorest, Oijampek & Tarmenu
c  Arginu, Lorest,  Oijampek & Durla
d  Arginu, Lorest, Oijampek, Tarmenu & Durla

a Check to Peace resource
b No other effect
c  Check to War resource
d  Check to War & Magic resources

16  The Path of Dawn & Dusk allows an acceptable alternative to the normal life of the clan.
      Which, if any, of the spirits are followed in your clan?

a  None
b  Badask
c  Duyodoya & Oigirkuru
d  Tunal & Yunal
e  All five

Shrines for each listed spirit
a  2 checks to Traditionalist virtue                     Lose Wealth & Morale checks     
b  Change Communication checks to Craft rune                  Checks to War & Wealth resources 
c  2 checks to Morale resource
d  Check to Shrewd virtue
e   No effect

17  Have your shamans approved the worship of any other beings found on the steppe?

a  Kalikos
b  Gorgorma
c  Yara Aranis
d  No

a  Shrine: Kalikos                                                    
b  Propitiatory Shrine: Gorgorma                        Lose Fire and Courage checks
c  Propitiatory Shrine: Yara Aranis                      Guardian Ability: Sense Spider Pack Nearby
d  Checks to Magic resource and Pious virtue
File:Dunhuang Central Asian Bodhisattva.jpeg
Kalikos and his servant spirits wreathed in flame

Interpreting the results:

The highest two runes are those 'governing' the clan and its future.
The highest three virtues (four if two tie for third)
Resources are allotted in the usual manner.
The Economy statements are descriptive, not prescriptive.  All Red Hair Tribesfolk will hunt, all will raid for slaves, and all will trade.  The statement indicates a particular interest in that activity.  
Guardian Abilities are decided from the answers to the following questions: 2, 4, 6, 8, 9
 and one related to the two clan runes

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