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Korer Q&A

Clan Questionnaire for Korer Clans

Pentan clans practise a wide variety of religious and economic lifestyles, and have a bewildering array of relationships and taboos.  These questionnaires depict those peoples who draw upon the overall Korer heritage.

All Korer clans have shrines to Kargzant and Zatenia, and their economies include Hunting and Horse Herding.

1  In the beginning we were amongst the Zaytenerae, and
    knew the glorious radiance.  Which blessing of those 
    days do you still carry in your hearts?

a  It was bright
b  No one went hungry
c  Lust was mutual
d  Children were both wanted and loved
e  People and animals spoke together

a  Two checks to the Fire rune
b  Two checks to Content virtue
c  Two checks to Chaste virtue
d  Two checks to Caring virtue, and one to the Life rune
 Two checks to the Beast rune, and one to the Communication rune

Kargzant and his first judges
2  Of all the Zaytenerae one was greatest, the 
    one we have learned to name the Imperial 
    Sun.  Which of the Kargzant's many virtues
    do  you hold most important?

a  He shone internally
b  He grew stronger in the Darkness
c  He gave advice that enabled us to live
d  He led our war parties
e  He made the laws for the genders
f  He appointed the first judges
g  He made the Ancestral Division
h  He brings good weather
i  He releases the souls of the dead from the Underworld

a  One check to the Fire and Mastery runes, one to Magic resource, and 2 to Pious
b  Two checks to the Mastery rune and to Pious virtue, one to the Fire rune and Morale
c  2 Checks to the Truth rune and the Wise virtue, one to Wealth resource
d  2 Checks to the Death rune and to Courage virtue, one to War resource
e  2 Checks to the Law rune, one to the Harmony rune, Content virtue and Peace resource
f  2 checks to the Law rune and the Obedient virtue
g  2 checks to the Traditionalist virtue
h  One check to the Morale and Wealth virtues
i  2 checks to the Spirit rune, one to the Magic and Morale virtues

3  Kargzant defeated Kuroskus, flinging him to the earth and destroying the plain of ice.
     The waters filled the lake and overflowed it.  Since then the identity of that lake has been
     a matter of debate amongst our the tribes' sages and shamans.

a  Hail Kargzant!  He flung Kuroskus down.
b  Hail Kargzant!  He defeats the Blue People
c  The ice melted!

a  Checks to the War resource and Proud virtues.                              The clan Despise Lodrilli.
b  One check to the Magic resource and the Water rune                   The clan Hate Blue People
c  One check to Fire rune

4  The Darkness is not one thing, but many.  At one point or another most of these tried to
     force Kargzant from his chosen path, to waylay or seduce him.  The Two Darks tried to
     destroy him, one from in front and one from behind.  Which victory was most important?

a  That ahead of him
b  That behind him
c  He defeated both!

a  One check each to the Fire rune and the Proud and Courage virtues
b  One check each to the Fire rune and the Wise and Arrogant virtues
c  One check each to the Fire and Mastery runes and the Pious virtue

5  We are descended from a line of great and mighty Gods, Demi-gods and Heroes.
    Which Great Tale of the Starlight Wanderer do you most enjoy?

a  Bringing Together The Broken World
b  Captain of All The Star Captains
c  The One Whom The Shargash Cannot Break
d  The Bringer Of Light To The World
e  The Moulder Of The Survivors Into A People

a  One check to Morale resource and the Wise virtue
b  One check to the Star and Mastery runes and to the War resource
c  One check to the War resource.    Ancient Enemy: Alkothings
d  Change all Fire checks to Light rune
Kuranits riding against the Digijelm
e  One check to Morale resource, Proud and Pious virtues

6  Which Great Song of Kuranits do you sing to follow that Great Tale?

a  The Conquest Of The EstJedde 
b  Turning Back the Demons of Darkness
c  Overcoming The Mighty Flood
d  Slaying the Vakkos

a  Ancient Enemy: Rinliddins                   Two checks to the Horse rune
b  Ancient Enemy: Digijelm                      One check to the Fire rune
c  Guardian Ability: Turn Flood Aside     Check to Water rune
d  Guardian Ability: Feather Armour Hard As Bronze

7  After a Great Tale and a Great Song, we drum and sing of Targos and the great and 
    terrible events that he faced.  Which Drumsong do you practise with greatest energy and

a  To again enslave the Eferventes
b  To keep the Light from falling again
c  To preserve our food animals from capture
d  To preserve the riding horses from raiders
e  To remember the justification by which we eat our enemies
f  To empower the hunt of the beast-people

a  One check to Wealth resource.  The clan Despise Reindeer Hsunchen.  Economy: Slaving
b  Lose two checks to each of Fire, Light, Pious and Magic
c  Lose Peace and Morale checks       Change Beast checks to Hunting rune
d  Lose Wealth and Morale checks    Check to Horse rune
e  Lose Morale check.  Three checks to Callous virtue
f  Three checks to Ruthless virtue.  Ancient Enemy: Hsunchen

8  During the Darkness and into the pre-Dawn light there were many shifting alliances.
     Which of these do you still observe in tale and ritual?

a  Hyalorings
b  Hirenmadorings
c  Elz Astians
d  Mostali
e  Rinliddins
f  Kostaddins
g  Lodrilli
h  Darjinni
i  Naverians
j  Darsenites
k  Birini
l  None

a-k  Ancient Friend: [ ]
l  Lose Morale check

9  Similarly, there were many enemies.  Far too many on occasion.  We all have harrowing
    tales, but which enemy still chills your heart in those stories?

a  Digijelm
b  Our own kin
c  Hyalorings
d  The Undead
e  Hirenmadorings
f  Elz Astians
g  Birini
h  Lodrilli
i  Darsenites
j  Naverians
k  Darjiini
l  Kostaddins
m Rinliddins

a  Ancient Enemy: Digijelm             One check to Fire rune
b  Lose Morale and Peace checks.   3 checks to Suspicious virtue
c-m  Ancient Enemy: [ ]

Urartian Carcanet.jpg
Silver horse-collar looted from Birin
10  The Sankenites rose against their natural Lords,
       and started a rebellion that consumed the river 
       valley.  The wars were many and confused, but 
      eventually we decided to leave the rebels in the 
       ruins they had created, where once had been
      fertile grazing.
      All clans Hate Sankenites, but what else matters 
      from that time?

a  They allied the Ten Princes
b  The nobles of Birin joined them
c  The Elz Astians came to our aid
d  Honesty.  We were defeated by those who hated us
e  Pride.  We must return

a  Ancient Enemy: Dara Happans
b  Ancient Enemy: Birini
c  Ancient Friend: Elz Astians
d  Lose all Arrogant checks, and a check from War and Morale.
e  Change all Proud checks to Arrogant virtue.  3 checks to Vengeful virtue

11  We became distinguished from the mass of our kin, making a strong tribal confederacy.
      We discovered new magics, new customs, new virtues in our violence and in the
      expression of that violence in the scarification of our bodies.
      What new understanding did you gain at this time?

a  Scarifying brought great power
b  Our customs set us apart
c  We grasped the need for pain
d  We experienced joy in pain
e  We scarified to gain strength
f  We scarified to express purpose

a  2 checks to Magic resource and to Arrogant virtue         Change Water checks to Cold rune
b  2 checks to Morale resource and to Proud virtue            Change Water checks to Cold rune
c  Change Courage and Vengeful checks to Brutal virtue
d  3 checks to Sadistic and 3 Brutal virtues
e  Checks to War and Morale resources
f   3 checks to Determined virtue

12  We formed a nation for many years before the Age of Oppression began.  A series of
      Empires overthrew us and attempted to crush us.  What tale do you tell with the
      greatest power?

a  The tale of our independence
b  The coming of Dara Happa
c  The coming of Carmania
d  The coming of the Lunars
e  The oppressors who must be resisted
f  The hope that our freedom will be eternal

a  3 checks to Independent virtue
b  The clan Hate Dara Happans
c  The clan Hate Carmanians
d  The clan Hate Lunars
e  2 checks to Pessimist and Independent virtues
f   2 checks to Optimist virtue

13  We are a people of mixed ancestry, that is true.  However, each clan knows its own
       ancestors.  From which of the ancestral tribes do you spring?

a  We are the truest Targosites of all!
b  We are those who found a powerful truth
c  We are those who hold to that truth
d  We are survivors of the Efertargosites
e  We are returners from the Kitargosites
f  We are the remnant of the Shadzorings
g  We are a clan that combines the traditions of all, made from the fragments of many

a  One Check to Arrogant virtue and Morale resource
b  One Check to Proud and Brutal virtues
c  One check to Proud virtue                                            The clan Despise Char-Un
d  Ancient Enemy: Hsunchen                                          The clan have an Annual Cannibal Feast
e  Lose two checks each from Law and Traditionalist.   
f  Ancient Friends: Alkothings     Shrine: Shargash   Change Courage checks to Rage virtue
g  Delete all Arrogant, Proud, and Traditionalist checks

14  Agartu Say adopted the name and title of Sheng Seleris and established the Great
      Khanate.  He swept away his enemies to east, south, and west, and showed us how
      great we can be when we unite as the peoples of Pent.  We fought many, and looted
      many.  He led his trusted horde to the Red Moon itself, and took the riches there.
      In the end, however, he fell to the clutches of Yara, since she punishes greatest as
      least.  Which of the many exploits of those years do you best remember?

a  Sweeping through the Dragon Empire
b  Crushing the Elephant Masters
c  Sailing to the Sunrise Kingdom
d  Returning to our ancestral lands
e  Crushing the Red Empire
f  Smiting the Sable Riders
g  Warring with the Blue Darkness
h  Smashing the Mad Sultanate
i   Looting the Moon
j  Sacking Jord's Eye
k  Renewing old rivalries
l  Sheng's spiritual glory
m  Sheng's fall from grace

a  Recent Enemy: Kralorelans                     2 checks to Wealth resource
b  Recent Enemy: Teshnans                         2 checks to Wealth resource
c  Recent Enemy: Vormaini                         The clan Fear East Wind
d  Recent Enemy: Dara Happans               Checks to Wealth and Magic resources
e  Recent Enemy: Lunars                             Checks to War and Wealth resources
f  Recent Enemy: Sable Riders
g  Recent Enemy: Blue Moon Digijelm      The clan Hate Digijelm
h  Recent Enemy: Mad Sultanate                The clan Drive Out The Insane
i  Recent Enemy: Lunars                               2 Checks to Magic and Wealth resources
j  Recent Enemy: Mostali                              Checks to War and Wealth resources
k  Recent Eenemy: Alkothings                     Recent Enemy: Sylilans
l  2 checks to Magic resource.                       Shrine: Sheng Seleris   
    All Pious and Obedient checks become Loyal to Sheng Seleris virtue
m  Lose Magic and Pious checks                 Arrogant and Proud checks become Humble virtue

15  Although Sheng fell, we were still a power the lands of his western Empire.  While others
      retreated back to the steppes we did not.  We forged new relationships that gave us a 
      fresh sense of purpose.

a  We send warriors to Birin's Guard

b  We came to terms with the Lunars
c  We found power in Chaos
d  We have made alliances with our local kin

a  War resource                        Recent Friend: Birini          Content checks become Fierce virtue
b  Check to Peace resource    The clan Tolerate Lunars
c  Shrine: Tien                           Lose all Law checks
d  Recent Friend: Targosites

16  The Path of Fire is the way all males have grown into the clan.  Yet not all the spirits
      and deities we know are followed equally in each clan.  To which of the Path do your 
      shamans maintain a shrine?

a  Hestus, Targos, Kuranits and Keternung
 Hestus, Targos, Kuranits, Keternung and the Dog Star
c   Hestus, Kuranits and Keternung
d  Kuranits, Keternung and the Dog Star

Answers:  All have a shrine to each listed
a  No other effect
b  Change Fire checks to Star rune
c  No other effect
d  2 checks to Competetive virtue

17  The Path of Earth is the way all females have grown into the clan.  Yet not all the spirits
      and deities we know are followed equally in each clan.  To which of the Path do your 
      shamans maintain a shrine?

a  Arginu, Lorest, Tarmenu and Oijampek
b  Arginu, Lorest and Oijampek
c  Arginu alone

Answers:  All have a shrine to each listed
a  Check to Morale resource
b  No other effect
c  All Beast checks become Horse rune

18  The Path of Dawn and Dusk is the way for all those who are less concerned with their
      gender roles than their service to the clan.  Yet not all the spirits and deities we know 
      are followed equally in each clan.  To which of the Path do your shamans maintain a 

a  Badask & Scarmaker
b  Duyodoya & Scarmaker
c  Tunal & Yunal & Scarmaker
d  All five

Answers:  All have a shrine to each listed

File:De Neuville - The Huns at the Battle of Chalons.jpg
Korer depiction of
The Three Guardians in
19    The Path of Hell is the way for all those whose minds and lives are
        too disturbed to conform to the normal structure of the clan.  Yet 
        not all the spirits and deities we know to be in the Underworld are 
        followed equally in each clan.  To which of the Path do your 
        shamans maintain a shrine?

a  The 3 Guardians and the Vile Demons
b  She of Wrath
c  The Mother of the Soul Eater
d  Gorgorma
e  Argoom
f  Soul Eater
g  None.  We prefer to forget them

Answers: A shrine to each of those listed
a  Change all Spirit checks to the Hell rune 
b  Change all Courage checks to Brutal virtue
c  Change all Spirit checks to the Hell rune
d  Change all Pious checks to Sadistic virtue
e   Change Fire checks to Shadow rune                      Economy: Slaving
f   Change all Pious checks to Pessimist virtue
g  Change all Pious checks to Optimist virtue

20  In all of our wanderings we occasionally come across another spirit who our shamans
       do not stop us honouring.  While few of any clan would actually follow a spirit that was            outside the Paths, some do.  Does your clan have a shrine to any other spirit?

a  Walindum
b  Lokarnos & Annhilla
c  Icebane
d  Lesilla
e  No!  We are pure
f  An independent spirit cult
g  Karesk the Hawk
h  Oria

a  Propitiatory Shrine               Change Fire checks to Cold rune
b  Propitiatory Shrine               Check to Wealth resource         Economy: Trading
c  Shrine                                       (Add to the Path of Fire spirits)
d  Shrine                                       Change Fire checks to Moon rune
e  Checks to Magic resource and Puritanical and Traditionalist virtues
f   Shrine                                    
g  Shrine                                       (Add to the Path of Fire spirits)
h  Shrine                      Change Horse & Beast checks to Earth rune              Economy: Farming

21  Sheng brought other peoples on to the steppes as part of his army.  While most went
      home, some stayed and built homes reminiscent of those they had left behind, while 
      others adopted the Pentan lifestyle.  What is your attitude towards them?

a  We despise them all
b  We prey upon them all
c  We trade with those who are useful
d  They are weak, and they will die          

a  Check to Arrogant virtue                           The clan Despise Sheng's Imported Pentans
b  Check to Wealth resource and Ruthless and Callous virtues
c  Check to Wealth resource                          Lose Traditionalist check
d  Checks to Death rune, to Fatalist and Callous virtues

22  The Hyalorings are not as we are, but they have adopted the proper lifestyle, and have 
       lived correctly for many centuries.  Some of us befriend them, some have feuds.
       How do you view them?

a  We hate them
b  We compete with them
c  They are weak, and they will die         
d  We are allied to them

a  Recent Enemy: Hyalorings                             One Check to War resource
b  Check to Competitive virtue
c  Checks to Death rune, to Fatalist and Callous virtues
d  Recent Friend: Hyalorings                              One Check to Peace resource

23  The Hirenmadorings are kin from deepest antiquity, before Time began to be measured.
       Therefore friendship and emnity comes with great impact.  How do you view them?

a  We compete with them
b  They are weak, and they will die  
c  We are allied to them
d  We hate them

a  Check to Competitive virtue
b  Checks to Death rune, to Fatalist and Callous virtues
c  Recent Friend: Hirenmadorings                              Two checks to Peace resource
d  Recent Enemy: Hirenmadorings                             Checks to War and Magic resources
     The clan Hate Hirenmadorings

24  The Char-Un are our kin, but are now slaves of the Red Moon.

a  They are our kin still
b  They are long separate
c  They are pitiful
a  Traditionalist virtue
b  No effect
c  Despise Char-Un

25  The Targosites are kin from deepest antiquity, before Time began to be measured.
       How do you view them?

a  We compete with them when we meet, re-enacting our ancient division
b  They are weak, and they will die  
c  We are allied to them

a  Check to Competitive virtue and Magic resource
b  Checks to Fatalist and Callous virtues
c  Recent Friend: Targosites                            

26  Still more of them stand as our bitter foes.  While you have raided many & been
       punished by some, one may have emerged as your true enemy.  Which?

a  Dara Happans
b  Elz Astians
c  Birini
d  Orayans
e  Digijelm
f  Rinliddins
g  Lunars
h  Hsunchen
i  The Targosites, unfortunately
j  None, thankfully

a-h  Recent Enemy: [ ]
i      Recent Enemy: Targosites                Lose Peace, Morale and Traditionalist checks
j     Check to Peace resource

27  There are monstrous things upon the plains.  You have faced them all, some more
       than others, each far too often.  Which of them is worst?

a  Chaos Gaggles
b  Urgarugar
c   Nur San
d  Romal
e  Quenlarg
f  Hollri

The clan Hate [ ]

28  Sheng Seleris brought the Zolathi Way with him, showing how all of life is slavery and
       humiliation and torment can become the gateway to freedom and illumination.  Few
       amongst us have accepted it, and even fewer walk the Way.  How do you view it?
Korer slave traders

a  We have adopted the Way
b  We acknowledge and allow it
c  We ignore it
d  We fear it
e  It weakens those who follow it

a  Zolathi Dojo present.  2 checks to Mysticism rune.  2 Pious virtue.  Lose all Magic checks
b  The clan Accept Zolathi
c  No effect
d  The clan Fear Zolathi
e  The clan Despise Zolathi.  Check to Magic resource.  

29  The Hero Wars are coming, indeed some claim they are already here!
       Prophecies abound, and hopes and fears are many.  What do you want to do?

a  Bring Sheng Back
b  Punish the Lunars
c  Become free again
d  Re-unite all our kin

a  The clan Hate Yara Cultists                       Check to Loyal to Sheng Seleris virtue      
b  The clan Hate Lunars                                 Check to Vengeful virtue          
c  2 checks to Independent virtue                Change Optimist checks to Fanatical virtue
d  Check to Traditionalist virtue                   Change Pessimist checks to Determined virtue
     Recent Friend: Targosites                         Recent Friend: Char-Un

30  The Red Hair Tribe are a punishment, an insult, and a tragedy for our people.
       However, that is a matter of Imperial Lunar intent.  How do you view the members
       of the Tribe themselves?

a  They are damned traitors!
b  Deluded dupes.
c  Useful traders
d  Useful informants
e  Our secret weapon
f  Wrongful wielders of Kastok's Lance
g  They lie a long way south

a  The clan Hate Red Hair Tribe
b  The clan Pity Red Hair Tribe
c  Check to Wealth resource
d  Check to Morale resource
e  Recent Friend: Red Hair Tribesfolk                    The clan Despise Lunars
f  The clan Fear Red Hair Tribe Magic
g  No effect

Interpreting the results:

The highest two runes are those 'governing' the clan and its future.
The highest three virtues (four if two tie for third)
Resources are allotted in the usual manner, except that wealth may never be the highest rating.
The Economy statements are descriptive, not prescriptive.  All Korer will hunt, all will raid for slaves, and all will trade.  The statement indicates a particular interest in that activity.  The presence of non-horse herds indicates that the clan is not of the Pure Horse peoples.

Guardian Abilities are decided from the answers to the following questions:
5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 19, 20 and one related to the two clan runes

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