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The Grand History Of Pent

The Grand History Of Pent


(This document was produced some two centuries ago by the Librarium of Veng Resuscitat.  It is a consolidation of many different sources – historical, religious, didactic and polemic – into a whole that claims far more authority than it actually has or possibly could have.  For some reason it ends at the Battle of the Nights of Horror between an alliance of Redlander tribes and the Pelorians of the Lunar Empire.  Unfortunately it suffers from being a compilation, with uncertain and sometimes contradictory dating, and poor control over tenses.)


The times and places mentioned in our sources are numerous, confusing and contradictory.  However, they are faithfully recorded, since in so doing we will not sin by omission.  Whatever the deceits and delusions of the sinful, Veng saw all and will illuminate his absolute truth in time. 

Hail to the Risen and Blazing One!  Thanks be to the True Master of History!


Many different peoples went into the make-up of the people called Pentans in the years of the Moonfall.  The resultant human population was a hardy blend of those who survived the land and the tormentors of it.  We cannot even be sure of all of the races contributing to the whole, but those we know of include Kralorelan, Orathorni, Praxian, Pelorian, Chern Durelite, and the curiously named yet vital ‘Dara Happa on Horse’.


As you read, read with caution.    Much here is conjectural, creedal, fanciful, and even fictitious.


Pent before the Darkness

When Ghelotralas descended to the ground in the Far West, one of the Zaytenerans attempted to follow him down, conceiving lust as she saw his hindmost  parts flash before her.  Confused by the broad lands below, she plunged to the east, breaking the land and making the Hot Lake while setting fire to the Great Eastern Forest.  Her fiery body still warms the lake around her.

The Amber Camp was built by Indarthrad the Insightful.  Some historians name this the Pillar City and seek for it still.  Others identify it with Senthoros, and yet others think all three one and the same.  Myths of the Bisosae in the West place Pentan ancestors with Zayteneras, indicating there is at least some connection with Senthoros.  (Please see your Lore Master for further speculations.)

When Burburstus assaulted the sky, Zayteneras coordinated the resistance.


Pent during the Darkness

The blow which made the Hot Lake also shattered the ground to the south west.  As the light faded the spawn of the Underworld poured forth from this Hellcrack, spreading wherever they would.  Some headed for the water-wracked valley of the Oslir, others through the ashes that would become the steppes.  Basko was discovered, and taken east with the host.

Battles were fought against Chaos:  the Glory of the Black Sun, Boztakang’s victory over Pocharngo and other, lesser struggles.  Tien was turned back, weakened, to be beheaded later, while Pocharngo was banished.
The western emperor Urvairinus marched to the Yellow City (probably the ancient Amber Camp, note discussion above) bringing peace and spreading pig herding.
Kestinoros, a true devotee of the great vanished Ghevengus, ruled Dara Happa and much of the Western Steppe, but thereafter the empire withdrew into itself.
The Hirenmadorings arrived in Raibanth.  They replaced the rightful worship of Veng, Lord of Rinliddi and Raibanth, Master of Jarasan, with that of Kargzant the rootless and Gamara, the horse-whore.
The Veshtargosings and the Kashis move from the steppe into the Oslir Valley.  
The Kuranits Tribe adopt Kalikos as a deity, and become rulers over Jarasan.
The Targosites factionalise, some adopting cannibalism, some enslaving reindeer herders.
The Hurfor Tribe free many reindeer from the Targosites, and domesticate the dog.
The Hyalorings become more mobile, and even place a nomad emperor upon the throne.  He conquered the Veshtargosings.
Keternung the Explorer returns to the ancestral lands, discovering the Kashis and the Ungariong.
Huradabba the Vettebin shattered the Hyaloring holy places, and his failure to personally follow Kargzant heralded a decrease in Kargzanti power in Dara Happa.  Although other emperors rose and fell, and even followers of the Truth ruled again, the power of the peasants rose to rival that of the Riders.  Eusibus, whom both Hirenmadoring and Targosite tales claim as their own, was the last true Rider emperor of the Oslir Valley before the Full Dawning. 

The Sankenite revolt cast the Riders out of the Valley, and brought a far greater human population onto the steppe.


The First Age

The Riders adopted their new lifestyle readily, although many of the refugees died in the early years.  They settle in a broad sweep across the Western and Central steppes, their range shifting and extending over the course of the Age, eventually discovering the Hot Lake and setting up several semi-nomadic kingdoms there.


The Second Age

~500  The nation of Velthil arises, a land with joint Pentan and
 Rinliddin heritage.
~570  Kastok, who may have been a general or an emperor depending upon the source used, leads an army of horsemen onto the steppe to discourage the nomads from raiding westwards. The Pentans summoned a demigod, Ruthanzant, to face him, but instead Kastok seized his     lance.
578   Badly mauled by Kastok, a Pure Horse Tribe gladly agreed to go south as allies to the EWF.
620   Battle of Necklace Horse establishes them on the Praxian Chapparal.
~700  The south-western clans are in contact with Jarst and the Votanki, the north-western with Althil.
717/8 Redlanders move through Elder Wilds & Balazar to raid into Dragon Pass.  Ambushed on their return.
~750  The Korer gain their independence when Althil is reabsorbed into Dara Happa.  Velthil begins significant expansion. 
~780  The Pure Horse people of Prax found Robcradle with the Jrusteli.
800   The giant Paragua destroys Robcradle, slaughtering the Jrusteli.
830   Joraz Kyrem allied the Pure Horse with Pavis, re-establishing their presence & power. He founds the Zebra Riders.
~830  The Korer begin westward expansion into Karasal.  Velthil starts significant expansion up the coast of the White Sea.
875   Digijelm conquered Pavis, and Joraz Kyrem fled to the EWF.  He allied with the Sun Dome Templars and marched back to Pavis.  The Pure Horse people grew to great power.
~900  The south-western clans are in contact with Zarkos and the Votanki, the north-western with Althil, Velthil and the Rinliddi.  The easternmost clans are in contact with the Kingdom of Wisdom.
927-40      Jaldon breaks the Arrowsmith Dynasty, and seizes Pavis.
1051  Senbar spills demons, ghouls, and the Huan To onto the steppe.
~1070 Dara Happa conquers the Korer & the western province of Velthil.  Velthil is split into two, with a Dara Happan-supported regime in Althil. 
1122  Althil applies for membership of the Empire.  Northern clans skirmish with the Blue Moon Digijelm.  Eastern clans are in frequent contact with Chern Durel.
1127  The Empire conquers Velthil


The Third Age

~1210 Velthil struggle against the Empire’s Carmanian overlords.
~1220 The nomads on the borders are dominated by Velthil in the north, and the Char-Un tribal coalition in the south.
1228  Duke Nandelus hires the Char-Un and their allies to fight the growing Lunar power.  The Lunars win and force the Char-Un to service.
1232  Battle of Chaos.  The Char-Un lose many against the Carmanians.
1237  Four Arrows of Light.  They again cannot match Carmanian knights.
1247  Great Contest held in Chern Durel to break the drought in Pent.  Agartu Say is a contestant.
1250  The Lunar Empire is established, with two of the major cities and provinces having distinct Pentan influence – ‘Dinzizzi, ruling Velthil, blessed by the Child of Kuranits’ and ‘Jillaro, ruling Saird, blessed by Vuranostum.’ 
Agartu Say invades Boshan, but is enslaved.
~1250 Battle of Alavan Argay.  Pure Horse People driven from Prax to Dragon Pass, becoming Grazelanders.
1279  The Skyburn falls on Erigia.  The Char-Un triumph in the Elf Hate Won Battle.  Panishi establishes Erigia as a Char-Un nation.
1325/35     Grazelanders fail to turn back Heortling settlers in Dragon Pass.
1326  The Bindle Wars begin, the Char-Un allied to Bindle against the empire.
1331  The Char-Un change sides and defeat the armies of Bindle.
1332  Orlik Bearface’s raid devastates Erigia, & he flays the Great Horse.
-1335 Char-Un fury destroys much in return, but they are halted by Aronius Jaranthir.
1340  Hendroste Goldheart welcomed Arim the Pauper to Dragon Pass
1352  Agartu Say, now a follower of Zho Lath Ey (or Jolaty in Pentan script), achieves Illumination. He adopts the name Sheng Seleris.
1355  Sheng achieves leadership at a new Great Contest.
1356-62     Sheng raids through the Iron Forts into Kralorela
1363  Sheng conquers Puchai and raids much of Kralorela, Chen Durel and Teshnos in the next decade.
1374  The Opili and their allies enter Lunar territory, having conquered Garsting.  They withdraw after the Battle of Quintus Vale, continuing to raid into Sylila.
1375  Sheng Seleris’ Great Army crosses the Arcos, defeats the Lunars outside Yuthuppa and sacks the city.  The Great Army roves the Oslir Valley, pillaging as they go.
1389  Sheng wrestles with Moonson outside Glamour.
1397  Sylilan army destroys Pentan army, relieving Alkoth.
1405  Sheng battles Yara Aranis, causing a quarter of the Great Army to head home.
1442  Sheng defeats Godunya with an army including Dara Happans.
1449  Sheng pillages the Moon.
1450  First Feathered Horse Queen gathers her followers to resist disorder amongst the Grazers.
1460  Sheng cast into a Lunar hell by Moonson.
1461-4      Pentans driven out of Lunar lands.
1470  Feathered Horse Queen established in the Grazelands
1470s/80s   Hon-Eel’s magical contests with the northern Redlanders.
1494  Contest for the hand of the Feathered Horse Queen won by Sartar of Boldhome
1503  Pentans returned to Oraya
1506  Nights of Horror.  The Redlands are abandoned to the Lunars. 

The steppes are silent, save for the wind making harps of rib-cages.  The Redlands are fertilised with blood, and new crops may yet grow.  Rogue magics still wander the land, created in the blending of wild lunes and vile sorceries during the Nights of Horror.

The Combined Council has decreed that only Lore Masters and above may apply for permission to enter Pent at the present time.

















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