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Traderoutes across Pent

The Great Amber Path

Despite the name, this route involves the trade of a great many northern goods into the heart of Pent, and then to the edge of Prax.  When the weather allows, trade is frequent.

Gathering points within Lentasia muster caravans carrying sealskin, whale ivory, dried fish and amber.  They then proceed along the Elyu-Ene to the foothills of the Rockwoods, from whence they head to the Hellcrack.  In these travels they will trade for Hazia, Date Wine and items of Teshnan craft.  At the Hellcrack they will trade for anything with an Otherworld origin.  Finally, the hardiest will cross into Prax, trading with the Oasis People at Eggs On Rocks Oasis.  Returning northwards they will carry spices, slaves, strange feathers and leathers, and the horrendously priced Hundred Season Eggs prepared by the Oasis People.  They will trade for foodstuffs, fabrics and hazia to take into the north.
  An unusual piece of blue amber, sacred to the White River

The Iron Road

Seldom travelled more than once a year due to the costs involved, this is the route by which iron might normally enter Pent. 

From Palaspar the route passes north of the Von Mountains (to avoid the Red Hair Tribe) and thence through the Hurran Bor.  Passing along the West King's Highway and past Thunder Butte it reaches the Sirdaryo, and thence to the Hot Lake.  Iron may be traded all along this route, but the price is generally astronomical, given that the best trade will be at the Hot Lake.  From the Hot Lake the caravan carries smoked shellfish, elephant ivory, sugar beet, metal ores and gemstones.

The Demons' Track

This is a high value route, accompanied by dangers and only used by the strongest caravans.  Magical items pass along it, accompanied by other goods.

From Zangshi Kinool the route leads to the Hot Lake, carrying items relating to the faiths of Chern Durel.  Trading will be done for decorative wares, slaves and hazia. From there the track proceeds down the Sirdaryo to the Hellcrack. Here there is a lively trade for Otherworldly goods.  Finally the caravans pass on to the Tower of Orathorn. This is the end spot for any slaves, and remaining magical goods.  Heading back they will carry bizarre magics from Orathorn, picking up more from the Hellcrack, and hazia and slaves from the Hot Lake.

玉合貛 照片 042.jpg  Charm containing a great Sandfox spirit from Orathorn


This is a source of strange spices and unusual spirits.  It is only undertaken during the warmest summer weeks.

Caravans gather at the Hot Lake, bearing sugar beet, Teshnan crafts (except worked wood!), rice and such seeds as have been gathered from the Steppe.
From the Hot Lake the Woodway travels down the Sirdaryo, and thence to the West King's Highway.  From here it passes to the Sky King Mountain, where the rice is traded to the nearby clans.  Avoiding Gork's Hills as far as possible, it then proceeds to a point south of Griffin Mountain to trade with the Aldryami.  There the beet, seeds and crafted items are traded for the seeds and stamens which are used for many spices, and for such captive spirits as the Aldryami cannot utilise.

  Er'oring peppercorns

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