Wednesday, 8 July 2015

The Pentan Pack Spider

The Pentan Pack Spider

The pack spider has its origin in the Hellcrack, but has spread since the Darkness to a number of cliffs, chasms and plungeholes across Pent.  These creatures are communal and non-competetive, although rivalry over breeding rights does occur between the males.  There are, in fact, two distinct sub-species of the pack spider, Pentas Yarae and Pentas Communalae.  
Both grow to the size of a wolf-hound, and their patterns of behaviour are very similar to each other.

One web unites the community, which may hold up to 200 adults.  Only 10% are males, which leads to a dangerous level of inbreeding.  To counter this, groups of 1-3 dozen will migrate between the settlements (how they know where the others are remains a mystery), and it is these groupings that are generally encountered.

Whilst these numbers may not offer a threat to an organised warband, they are very dangerous to the herds of the Pentans, and to unfortunate scouting parties.

They move at a speed and with a style similar to a wolf pack, pursuing and exhausting prey before the final attack, leaping from 3-4 meters away.

Pentas Yarae
Black bodied and red legged, these have a paralysing venom.  After biting they will withdraw until their prey collapses, at which time they will return to feed.

Pentas Communalae
Black pneumothorax and legs with a golden abdomen, they have an agonising venom.  Each member of the pack will attempt to bite a large prey, overwhelming it with pain.  Once the prey has been rendered unconscious from overwhelming agony, they feed.

NB Please pardon the lack of illustrations.  I am an arachnophobe, and just writing about them gives me the jitters!

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