Monday, 6 June 2016

Returning to Pent

Many apologies for my prolonged absence - depression can be a serious block to creative writing.
Prozac is now shelved for the time being, so hopefully I can continue with some output relating to Pent, its neighbours, and Glorantha in general.

A point for discussion is, I think, just what the division between the theist and the animist strains of Pentan religion should be.  I have my own concepts, but I am aware that others are approaching the Horse peoples in different ways.
Not least important is the role played by Sheng and Jolaty in the present. 

However, for the moment what I have done will remain, not least because I really cannot justify producing a new round of clan generation for my own Pent!

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  1. Dear Ali,

    as a longtime admirer of your work I would like to ask you (in connection with what you wrote here about theist and animist strains) how do you feel, with the new Heroquest: Glorantha portraying Waha as being approached both theistically and animistically, about the idea of The Imperial Sun also being partially theistic? It would go against the traditional portrayal of Pentans as primarly animistic (although those days I find it hard to understand what the real differences are), but it would for example go well with what you wrote about Huradabba the Vettebin who failed to follow Kargzant (or maybe this meant he wasn't initiated into his spirit tradition at all?)...